5×5 Farrapeira Event

I was invited with some mates from my masters degree to do a collaborative drawing on a bar, and guess what? we have a video! It was awesome to hang out with my awesome friends laughing, farting around and above all do an awesome masterpiece with them! here’s the video!

The week before, a few guys and gals (also from my class :D) had begun the drawing, and after us went a few more people to complete that huuuuge paper! It should be great fun, can’t wait to see the final! 😀

Also with the event, there was a projection of a documentary about Portuguese Comic scene!  🙂

Congrats to all the guys and gals involved in this, and to the video editor, you rock Toby! 😀

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Creativity! :D

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1h30 /2 hours Landscape Session

Done Photoshop this was the result 😀

Just playing with color temperature and some methods i pretend to use with my watercolors 😀

Probably i will continue this on another session 🙂

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Inspiration: Draw or Die

Well the title says everything, i do believe in this statement. Thanks Nic Klein to resume it so perfectly, obviously thank you Marko and all the great artists who participated in this symposium , for actually existing and sharing they’re personal views on life and work, and give us some faith and inspiration!

“Draw or Die, that’s my motivation” ! 😀

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Inspiration Chris Samnee

This guy, Chris Samnee is a master of Implied line, his inks are awesome, check out his  blog, and his recent interview up on sidebarnation! Chris is a Comic Book Artist, and i think, he is working now on Thor!

I leave you with this awesome video from Chris!


Interview: http://www.sidebarnation.com/ (a big shout out to my boys up on sidebar! keep up the awesome work fellas! )

Chris’s blog: http://www.chrissamnee.com/

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Check out this awesome book and little documentary about the artists in that publication!

My favorite part is from Nathan Fowkes ” When you are working from life there is so much complexity that you have to organize”, I guess i have to work on my organization skills 😛


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Landscape #1 Reality versus Photograph

Hello guys and gals, long time without posting,  i thought i could analyse some of my landscape painting! Well last year, as many would know, i finished my first year on the Illustration Masters. With it, especially on my second semester, i jolted down 3 sketchbooks and a half and i started to notice a small tendency towards landscape painting so i’m trying to develop that interest further. I ‘ve just finished a jam at the Botanical Garden, and suddenly i started to ask myself what makes a good landscape painting? Was the landcape i was painting good for it? was the subject interesting?  So here’s the painting a did will i was there:

I was there for about 1 hour, and this was the result. Now i can pin down some things that don’t work for this image, and that’s:

– The absence of a focal point (wash by wash is kind of a difficult method, i should’ve  worked with brushes instead of the brush pen);

– I didn’t filtered the content i wanted in the picture and tried to draw and paint everything;

– There are areas with too much confusion, causing a bad balance between filled shapes and empty shapes;

– As i mentioned, i worked in watercolor with a pen brush over a large area, so i couldn’t lay large washes and the brush pen has always water, which means all my washes lose intensity;

– There was diffuse light all around which made the landscape all washed out without cast shadows or form shadows;

Now i have to do some adjustments to this to make it better, but those will be at my studio. This sketch as some good points, which i can point out like, the colors i used where approached to the things i was seeing, and the composition wasn’t that bad, as i used a viewfinder to help catch something interesting at the gardens. Also there was a good balance between cool and warm colors.

Let’s compare to some landscapes i did, but i used photographs instead of painting it from reality:

Now i noticed somethings when doing these:


– Issues like perspective, colors and composition are all resolved for you;

– The colors aren’t true to nature, the camera can’t absord as much information as our eyes, so it results on some not so vivid colors, James Gurney as an excellent example on this on his book “Color and Light, a guide to the realist painte”, check it out its an awesome book!;

– More and more i’m believing that we draw using all of the five senses we have (as stated on the “Natural Way to Draw” the awesome drawing manual of Kimon Nicolaides), that’s why we don’t completly  understand a subject through a photo, because we are limiting ourselves to one of those senses, vision;


If we want to learn about subjective things like composition, colors and all in all drawing and painting we should do it as often from real life as we can, photos are a shortcut because the photographer as taken care of that himself. It’s difficult i know, but i will take my viewfinder and practise! Feel free to chime in on the critics, as long as they are constructive ,they are welcome!

Later i will post the image of the gardens with the alterations!

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