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Creativity! :D


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1h30 /2 hours Landscape Session

Done Photoshop this was the result 😀 Just playing with color temperature and some methods i pretend to use with my watercolors 😀 Probably i will continue this on another session 🙂

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Inspiration: Draw or Die

Well the title says everything, i do believe in this statement. Thanks Nic Klein to resume it so perfectly, obviously thank you Marko and all the great artists who participated in this symposium , for actually existing and sharing they’re … Continue reading

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Inspiration Chris Samnee

This guy, Chris Samnee is a master of Implied line, his inks are awesome, check out his  blog, and his recent interview up on sidebarnation! Chris is a Comic Book Artist, and i think, he is working now on Thor! … Continue reading

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Check out this awesome book and little documentary about the artists in that publication! My favorite part is from Nathan Fowkes ” When you are working from life there is so much complexity that you have to organize”, I guess … Continue reading

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Landscape #1 Reality versus Photograph

Hello guys and gals, long time without posting,  i thought i could analyse some of my landscape painting! Well last year, as many would know, i finished my first year on the Illustration Masters. With it, especially on my second … Continue reading

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