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Sketch #7

I have to doo more of these! 😀 Advertisements

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Things i Hate #4

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Sketch #6

Late Night Digi Session, i haven’t put my hands on digital for a long time (at least full paintings) and today i did some custom brushes and i started doing this, let’s see how it goes 😀

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Digital Adjustment

Well after a  few hours in photoshop here’s my final entry for the contest, i learned a lot by doing it, not just about illustration but about myself. Looking forward to participate on the next one! 😀

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Sketch #5

Quick Watercolor and gouche study from Z.L Feng. Feng is an awesome watercolorist, those landscapes really rock, go check them out guys!

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Well here’s my contest entry…i think i could do better but it was an experiment nonetheless! I had to try it to know it would fail, and just winning that knowledge it’s a winning by itself.

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Sketch #4

Skull studies for a contest due this week

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